Marketing/was letter from Double Trouble

Sal Stevens
Mon Mar 5 18:30:26 EST 2001

        I find myself wondering when I see young guys like Master P and the guys from
Cash Money records here in New Orleans....who just ten years ago were kids
living in poverty in the Magnolia and Calliope projects and   now have hits at
the top of the charts  & music empires that dwarf  companies like Rounder, et
al....I think how come if these kids can do this - why can't the Rounders, et
al....... ????????
--- wrote:
> In a message dated 3/5/01 12:45:27 PM, writes:
> << Rounder and the rest do not market to the lemmings - they're stuck in
> their
> own little myopic niche market mentality -  when was the last time you heard
> any release by any of these labels on commercial radio??? >>
> It sounds as if you think that it is because the label doesn't try to get on
> the commmercial stations. I doubt that is the case. Most commercial stations
> have consultants who tell them what to play. It's a small group who has to
> hear something and be in the right mood to add it to there list. Why hasn't
> Robert Cray had a radio "hit" since Smoking Gun". Robert's output hasn't
> changed that much in quality yet you hear nothing on commercial radio (there
> are a few exceptions I'm sure). Buddy Guy's CDs have been worthy of airplay
> on Rock stations, but they aren't. Coco Montoya, Walter Trout, Sherman
> Robertson and others would all fit in to a Rock format if the time was taken
> to listen to their music but it isn't but I truly don't think you can lay it
> all on the label. Love 'em or hate 'em they wouldn't mind a "hit" once in a
> while. I don't think anyone is that niche oriented. With radio consolidating
> as fast as it is I don't see much change happening in the near future and
> this quote is true that Buddy Fox posted earlier "As Bob Porter keeps
> repeating time after time, "IF you can't get it on
> commercial radio, it doesn't mean a thing".
> Jim McGrath

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