Brand New "Blues and) Soul Man Sven Zetterberg

Louis Music
Mon Mar 5 18:04:53 EST 2001

Sven Zetterberg is, IMO, one of the finest performers around these days -
either side of the Atlantic.   I've had the pleasure to see him a couple of
times in Sweden and Norway and was absolutely staggered by how good he was.
His last CD was more "straight" blues and is great, but I know that he can
do that Southern Soul stuff really well.   We're on the same Swedish
festival in July, so I'll make sure that I pick his new one up.

He's been playing since the 1960s and some older collectors might remember a
Red Lightnin' LP he was on with Sunnyland Slim.

How many people these days cover Willie Williams tunes (he does "Wine Head
Woman")?  (Come to think of it, how many people even know who Willie
Williams is....)

London UK

Ralph Parker <> wrote in message
>   The  most surprising and unexpected release of the last few years---is
> stunning new Sven Zetterberg--- Solid-Soul CD titled " Help Me Get Over
> on the Last Buzz label. Wow!   What a wonderful joy---to hear Sven reach
> down---and pull up some of the best new renditions of treasured soul
> I've heard in quite awhile.   Out of nowhere, didn't see it coming. It's
> Great!
>  Sven decided to make this CD because of his love of music from the soul.
> (the music of Tyrone Davis, Howard Tate, ZZ Hill , Joe Tex, etc.)   He
> brings together some great musicians on this release including Knock-Out
> Greg and Blue Weather.  It is  an amazing personal tribute !
> When he sings ( I mean really sings) "Take Time To Know Her"---the
> was-how did he do that ?  On the next tune -- Sven rips into "How Come My
> Bulldog Don't Bark"---- whoa now!   It's  real---> Sven Zetterberg's Got
> Soul!!!!   Reaching way down and bringing it on home  ala Lee McBee,
> what Sven does from the opening track to the end. The whole CD is a
> heartfelt--- real stunner!
> P.S.---on the rollicking soul tune "He's Too Old"
> the funfilled hipshakin' lyrics include-----he's too old to cut the
> but he stills likes to play beside the patch!
> Real Soul and Emotion.....from Sven Zetterberg !  Five Stars (out of five)
> Highly recommended (very highly)
> My Sweetest Touch
> Take Time To Know Her
> How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark
> Let Me Get Over It
> Can I Change My Mind
> A Pink Sunrise
> Turn Back The Hands Of Time
> You Name It, I've Had It
> Leaning Tree
> He's Too Old
> Train Of Love
> Dangerous Lonesome Soul
> You Took Off With My Life
> Lonesome For A Dime
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