Jimmy Dotson

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Sun Mar 4 15:41:18 EST 2001

There were at least two Jimmy Dotson's.

One was recorded by Jay Miller in Louisiana but was living in Memphis when I
met him in 1972.

He told me that the other one (Volt etc) had recently died - in a car wreck,
if I recall correctly - my notes are at home and I'm at work.

I never knew that the other Jimmy was from Baltimore, but I guess it's the
same man.


>From: Barbara Nail-Chiwetalu <bn27@umail.umd.edu>
>Reply-To: bnailchi@wam.umd.edu
>Subject: Jimmy Dotson
>Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 09:17:09 -0500
>Need Info About Jimmy Dotson
>I am trying to help a writer in the UK locate biographical
>detail and a photo of Jimmy Dotson, a Baltimore singer who
>played in the early 1970's in Phase III (club in Baltimore)
>with Jesse Yawn. He also had releases in the 1960's and
>1970's on local labels such as Ru-Jac and Nicetown and
>national releases on Volt and Mercury. He would also
>like to know if Jimmy is still alive. Anyone with
>information about Jimmy Dotson, please let me know as soon
>as possible because the writer's deadline is
>quickly approaching.
>Barbara Nail-Chiwetalu
>D.C. Blues Society

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