Professor Longhair

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Compared to Longhair, Booker's repertoire was enormous.
I don't think that there was anything that Booker couldn't
accomplish on the piano if he set his mind to it.  Though,
personally my heart leans toward 'Fess, Booker astonishes
me with every listen.  Besides the Longhair tributes, there
have also been several dedicated to James Booker that  
have also featured many of these fine artists, plus Booker's
number one disciple, Harry Connick, Jr.


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If you like Longhair, you will probably also like James Booker - I
actually like Booker better.  There were also at least two Longhair
tributes at Tipitina's that were issued.  A bunch of NO piano players
playing solo piano.  They included Phamous Lambert, Art Nevelle, Roland
Stone, Eddie Bo Tommy Ridgley, Davell Crawford, Ironing Board Sam,
Ed Volker, Sunpie Barnes, Jon Cleary, David Thomas ROberts, Walter
Dave Pacquette and others.  THey were recorded in 94 and 95 and put
out on Overture.  Lee<br clear=all><hr>Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at <a href=""></a><br></p>

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