Sunnyland Slim

Joe Lempkowski jlemko@HOME.COM
Thu Mar 1 23:09:29 EST 2001


There are lots of good Sunnyland Slim albums and you really can't go wrong with any of them.  His
recording career spanned nearly 50 years.  He was a wonderful singer and piano player.  He wrote some
excellent songs.  Nearly all of his recordings feature a fantastic band.  His influence and impact on
the Blues was very far reaching and very often goes under-recognized.

I was just listening to Chicago Jump.  Its a very good album and it also features vocals from some of
his band members who played with Sunnyland for over a decade.  It's a fantastic album and probably one
of the best of the 80's.

Be Careful How You Vote on the Earwig label is another good album.  It features a breathtaking version
of Johnson Machine Gun.

The stuff he did for Cadillac Baby was fantastic.  I don't know CD's that stuff is available on, but
it's worth tracking down.  I think it's available on Wolf, but I'm not sure his stuff is on there.  Too
Late To Pray is a highlight.  Hubert Sumlin's solo on it is downright scary.

I also like Smile On My Face. On several songs, his piano playing falls down like a rainstorm.  It also
features some excellent guitar work by Lacy Gibson and Lee Jackson.  The song "Lee's Boogie" is a great
instrumental and is worth the price of purchase.

This probably won't help narrow down your purchase, but you can't go wrong with any of the albums
listed.  Sunnyland Slim was a true original and a treasure.  There will never be anyone else like him.


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