NBC: Re: ...the day the music died

Jeff Seale docstymie@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 11:37:40 EST 2001

--- Steve Hoffman <stevehoffman@erols.com> wrote:

> I always wonder, if he lived, how would his music have changed? Keep in
> mind, if he'd lived his career within a very few years would have
> intersected with that of the Beatles and Bob Dylan and a whole new era
> in rock music.... !
> What would he be doing now? (Not stuck in Branson, Missouri or doing the
> Las Vegas/Atlantic City casino oldies shows ... but who knows)?

For the record, shortly before his death, Buddy had purchased some land in
Lubbock and was planning on building his own recording studio. He was
looking to expand his role as a producer. If he hadn't died, perhaps
people would be talking about Lubbock instead of Austin! (hey to Bruce


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