Mackenzie Mitchell

Sat Feb 3 20:42:46 EST 2001

That would be McKinley Mitchell.  There's an album by him on Waldoxy/Malaco,
self titled.  Blues "crier" like Buddy Ace was.


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> Thanks to everyone who had ideas on Louisiana Two-Step... This place is a
> wonderful source of info!!!!!
>  Yet another question...... The other day I was listening to a live
> tape I had been given by one of the  musicians of a live show of the
> Musselwhite Band from the House of Blues ( I think in LA) in '95 ...... On
> that tape it appeared as though the warmup was a guy named Mackenzie
> Mitchell..... Does anybody know anything about this guy????  He had a
> gospel tinged blues voice and I'd love to find some recordings by him....
> Anybody heard of him??????
>    DD

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