Etta James

IronMan Mike Curtis
Fri Feb 2 19:48:00 EST 2001

It's all music, folks.  But Etta James has never been a "blues
singer" in the "Blues Nazi" definition.  She just sings whatever she
likes, and does a phenomenal job of it.  Why should she change now?

But even the ones we traditionally consider to be "100% blues" (like
Muddy Waters) did plenty of non blues stuff in live shows.  I was
talking to Max Bangwell a couple weeks ago about this.  He told me
that, when he was drumming with Muddy, on a particular song, he asked
"Should I play a shuffle?"  Muddy said "No - I want you to play
disco".  Holy leisure suit and faux gold chains, Batman!

I'd rather hear Etta James sing Miss You than a lot of folks doing
straight 100% blues.

And that's what happened several years ago when a lot of L A was on
fire (during the riots).  Don't believe the press - here's the REAL
story.  It was Etta James singin' the phone book.  As she sang each
address, the place broke out in (apparently) spontaneous combustion.

-IronMan Mike Curtis   "I am not just impressed, I am totally amazed...
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