NBC: What is the name of ANOTHER song?

Potter Walter maxdog@raven.unr2.net
Thu Feb 1 21:36:47 EST 2001

"Reach out in the darkness" by Friend and Lover -- 1968
maxdog (damn you for getting this song stuck in my head)

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From: Steve Hoffman <steve@BESTBLUES.COM>
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Date:         Thu, 1 Feb 2001 20:56:19 -0500

>As long as someone else was asking to ID a non-Blues song, here's one
>driving me nuts. It was recycled in a TV commercial recently. It's a
>real period piece from the late 60s hippie era. The lyrics are: "I think
>it's so groovy now that people are starting to get together, I think
>it's won-wonderful .... etc. " (the rest of the song has lyrics like
>"Reach out in the darkness.")
>Steve Hoffman

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