Ken Burns Jazz Show on PBS

Steve White blind_egg@MY-DEJA.COM
Thu Feb 1 13:42:15 EST 2001

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 06:37:22 GMT, Kenny Ray <> wrote:

>It's a Great series, BUT where is The Hammond B3???
>Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack MacDuff, Jimmy McGriff, et al
>Where is The Guitar?
>Wes Montgomerey, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, and a lot more
>It was great seeing a bit of Charlie Christian.
>& Not enough of Ray Charles....
>Kenny Blue Ray
>Soulful Blues new cd out

Not to mention no Dolphy, VERY little Mingus, no Rashaan Roland Kirk or
Toeing the Marsalis Party Line, I suppose. As interesting as some parts
were, it fell far short as an impartial historical overview. In my ever-so-
humble opinion, of course.
Steve White

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