southwest blues/moeller review/hb on the cover!

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 1 11:56:50 EST 2001

Southwest Blues is running what I think is the first review to hit print on
the new Moeller disc. Scribed
by fellow zeller Barry Gober. Speaking of zellers, the illustrious HASH
BROWN is the cover story this month!

Here's the review:

CHECKOUT all the other reviews online, as well as
the calender. BTW, I noticed SWB is having their first festival in March.
The lineup sounds very good IMO. Info on their site at . Hop one of those cheap Southwest (no
relation) flights and come help make it happen. Spring is the only decent
weather in these parts, so come on down and enjoy it.

Thanks go out to zellers Patti and Joanna for the review, and Barry for the
well written review.

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