Ken Burns Jazz Show on PBS

Steve Hoffman steve@GOODNOTE.COM
Thu Feb 1 09:14:20 EST 2001

Excellent point!
I know that it's easy for us to sit back and criticize an endeavor like
Ken Burns Jazz, but really, he did have a HUGE number of hours to work
with, and he choose to keep honing in on certain aspects of jazz (e.g.,
how many shots of folks dancing at the Savoy Ballroom!! I stopped
counting after awhile) and left out others that he could have easily
included if he had cut back a bit on coverage of his major topics....
and he could have done that WITHOUT detracting from the coverage of
those, IMO,.

Steve Hoffman

Kenny Ray wrote:

> It's a Great series, BUT where is The Hammond B3???
> Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack MacDuff, Jimmy McGriff, et al
> Where is The Guitar?
> Wes Montgomerey, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, and a lot more
> It was great seeing a bit of Charlie Christian.
> & Not enough of Ray Charles....
> Kenny Blue Ray
> Soulful Blues new cd out

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