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Ron Weinstock
Thu Feb 1 07:46:26 EST 2001

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> If by "latest" you mean the one just ended tonight, then you should of
> been watching last Monday.  "Kind of Blue" was prominently mentioned
> with film clips of the recording sessions, shots of the cover art,
> etc.
> On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:33:24 -0600, you wrote:
> >     I've been enjoying this series (not that it matters much) but I
was a
> >pretty surprised that this latest show that looked at the Bop/post-
bop -
> >avant garde eras with all those era's emphasis on both John Coltrane
> >Miles Davis that they didn't mention.... "Kind of Blue".
> >
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I should mention that there is a terrific book on The Making of Kind of
Blue by Ashley Kahn.  Ashley hosted the WKCR blues show Something
Inside of Me in the eraly 1980s under the monikor of the Cinncinnati
Kid.  The Book is well worth reading, but the disc is of course
classic, perhaps the best selling jazz album of all time (I believe it
has gone Platinum and I believe Coltrane's A Love Supreme has recently
gone Gold (500,000 copies sold)

Ron W

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