Maxdog`s unjust removal of me from the list
Mon Mar 27 20:32:39 EST 2000

I suggest the same thing for Andy Allu that he suggests for me (in this
post maxdog, not in a private mail), Just delete him. Do you really want
to read posts by someone like Andy, who accuses Gregg Allman of faking
his feelings in his singing, and says that Duane Allman "may have been
routed (he meant rooted) in the blues," but that "the Allman Brothers
just used the blues to show off their chops on their instruments." Duane
Allman played as a session man at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, second
only to Stax in soul and soul blues, Duane raved about the blues legends
every time he was interviewed (go to the ABB site and hear radio
interviewa). Duane and Gregg and Dickie Betts regularly introduced the
blues songs they were about to play by telling who wrote the songs
(Muddy Waters, Elmore James, etc,,,), Andy suggests that you just delete
my posts, I suggest exactly the same thing for him, Just delete his

Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog

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