GEAR: Drum machines

Jeffrey L. Taylor
Thu Mar 23 16:37:29 EST 2000

I think anything programmable will be stiff.  Get a real drummer with
a set of midi-drums and have him/her lay down the tracks on a
sequencer.  I have seen Johnny Heartsman (Hammond B3, guitar, & flute)
playing on a weeknight with an extra keyboard and a sequencer.  He and
it played and were good.  I suspect he was playing along with a
recording of himself.  I prefer the full band, but there wasn't enough
of a crowd on Thursday nights to pay them all.  I have also seen a
rock/blues-rock/blues act with a guitar and a rack full of EQ.  It
worked well on the rock tunes.  On blues, the drummer sucked.


Quoting Billy Chambless <>:
> I'd like to hear from any of you who have any experience with drum machines.
> I'm working on some demos in my palatial apartment-bedroom-corner studio,
> and real drums aren't really an option. OTOH, in my limited experience with
> drum machines, most of the preset rhythms are too stiff and "techno" for
> blues.
> I've been looking at the descriptions of the programmable ones, like the
> Alesis SR-16...
> had anybody here ahd success with these units?

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