Blind Boy Fuller - Rag Mama Rag

Jeremy Osner
Tue Mar 21 09:21:21 EST 2000

ohpapa@SWVA.NET wrote:

> I've actually been woodshedding on a couple of Fuller tunes, "Rag
> Mama Rag" and "I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy."  Any fellow prewar guitar
> style enthusiasts out there with some insight on the guitar parts?
> RM seems to follow what I call "Salty Dog" changes (A/D7/G/C)

If you play an E on top of the D7 it sounds good. And my teacher showed me a
lick you could play on the G: the bass is alternating between 6th string 3rd
fret and 4th string 3rd fret, and the treble is walking up the 3rd string, two
beats on each fret.


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