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Tue Mar 21 06:57:21 EST 2000

We are thrilled to present a new "Featured Interview" at our web site "It's A
Girl Thang - Women in the Blues!"    Just in time for Women's History Month: O

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with Odetta  about her life
and music.  We so often hear  "living legend"  used to describe many artists
who may or may not be deserving, but these words are fitting for the
irrepressible Odetta.

Odetta speaks eloquently and honestly of her childhood, her early days in
folk music, her encounters with Harry Belafonte and Pete Seeger, the current
state of the blues, the correlation between race and musical success and on
and on.  She laughs easy, but does
not bite her words.  Born in 1930, she shares the wisdom of her years, but
lives in today.
She spoke to me like a daughter...

To all of my musician friends out there, please read the quote she shares
from Nelson Mandela at the end of the interview...powerful.

Odetta's latest CD "Blues Everywhere I Go" has received critical acclaim (a
Grammy nomination, two Handy nominations) and is availible for purchase from
our site.  THIS IS COOL:  If you purchase the CD directly from our site from
Amazon.com, we get 15% of the purchase.  ALL money that we receive (including
revenue from other purchases) will be given to the MUSIC MAKER RELIEF
FOUNDATION who provide critical assistance to our elder blues and roots music
artists when in need. www.mmrf.org

Thank you  so much to all who have purchased items from our site.  Every
little bit adds up to more help for our artists.

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Fenton on Etta James!  More to come...)
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- Look for the announcement of the "WomensBlueslist."  A Topica listserv
discussing women in the blues - in a civil and nice way  (inside joke to my
blues-l pals ;-)  We will be sharing gig dates, historical info., upcoming
CDs, ....)

As always, thank you to web master and writer  PW FENTON for his creativity
and friendship. This is a labor of love for us.  I so wish I had more time to
write and do interviews, but life and the "9 to 5" keep sneaking in to slow
things down. :-)

So, please surf on over and take a look.  I hope you enjoy Odetta as much as
I did:
"It's A Girl Thang - Women in the Blues!"

Peace and blessings,
Lea Gilmore

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