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Cookie Holley cookieholley@mcsi.net
Tue Mar 7 04:33:47 EST 2000

uh.....did somebody call me?     :)

To be sure it is a shaky law. Even when I was still dancing places were
getting raided for showing too much. And yet in all the better museums the
walls are lined with nudity. People don't think a thing about that.

I could never understand why the body is bad, only that it must be if you
should be ashamed of, and get in trouble when someone sees it. I mean, we
can't live without one, and if it is beautiful that's all the better, why
not show it off while you can, and if you can get paid well on top of it, a
win win. So dance was perfect for me.

And I did it inside behind closed doors, that wasn't enough, they toured the
clubs trying to find some reason to close it all down. I guess they are
still doing that. I just don't see the point.

But what does Roxy have to do with it? She's not a stripper. Though she sure
can sing! She's one of my favorites. Very talented Lady.

Now I don't think you were meaning anything by tagging on her post, I
sometimes tag on to some I don't find any thing wrong with just to be able
to save time by hitting reply. But correct me if I'm wrong.

The post does leave the impression that she has something to do with bareing
it though. You might suggest it to her, I'm sure all her shows would sell
out in no time flat!    :-D  (just kidding Roxy)

Music is Art for the ears,
Music is art for the ears,
Cookie Holley
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From: Ocky Milkman <borrisbatanov@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Monday, March 06, 2000 9:57 PM
Subject: NBC: Re: Mardis Gras with Roxy

>--- RoxyPerry1@aol.com wrote:
>> Roxy Perry and the band will be hosting the Fat Tuesday
>> blast at
>> Dooley Mac's / 179 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains NY
>> ON Tues. March 7 th 9:30 pm
>of course, the local constabulary will be there en force
>(no days off allowed for any peace officers) to ensure that
>no female mammary glands will be bared or visible, the
>which has been well documented to have an insidious and
>debilitating effect on the morals and sanity of any and all
>males thus exposed, the which being commonly referred to as
>the Nipple or Titty Syndrome, the scourge of civilized,
>god-fearing nations everywhere. amen amen.
>ps. the Titty Syndrome is the originating cause of the well
>known phrase "keep your shirt on."
>God made a mistake when he gave the white man a guitar.
>   ---Martin Mull, picking up his guitar
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