Tue Mar 7 01:56:21 EST 2000

I felt the need to write this letter to all of the musicians on the list
because somebody may need it right now.
Did you ever get rejected by a label  on a product that everybody else raved
about? Well don't be discouraged and don't vex over it for a moment. I know
someone very talented that told me they were quitting music  because of
some"big shot label"rejections. I told them what I'm telling you now. (PS:
I've been in the biz for 40 yrs.  but don't claim to know everything)
 You can't understand why a label rejects you when you have a pile of
flawless reviews on your desk from every reviewer you ever sent the product
to. You have gotten tons of airplay and your gigs are packed with fans that
can't get enough of you.   RIGHT? Well here's the deal. Labels base their
decisions on many more factors than just the quality of your music. Do you
fit the profile? Can they market you and make a ton of money? Do they think th
ey have the musical knowlege  to produce your next record? (Your music may be
over their heads) Do they have the budget to promote your cd? And many other
issues that we don't think about. The labels are business men. They want to
not only sell a product but you too. All they really care about is how much
mony they can make off of you. It's only logical. On the other hand
reviewers, DJS and the public are for the most part   totally music fans. If
they dig your music you have already won the prize. Maybe not the big
bucks...if that is a reality in Blues.....but certainly success as an artist.
The two aspects of the business are completely apart from each other. Play
the Blues because it's what you do and it fulfills your life. Take
satisfaction in the fact that your music pleases you and your audience...even
if it is that drunk guy in the audience who dances like a spaz alone. I don't
mean to get sappy about this. I just don't want to see anyone else quit
playing and writing because some ''business man who aint got a clue''
rejected you. I would have quit a long time ago if I took the label
rejections to heart. (I've had several record deals in my life and got
screwed every you aint missin much) By the way you have to read
into these letters. What they write as far as why they won't sign you may not
be the truth. It may be just some sugar coated excuse. As I said there are
many other considerations in play that they really don't go into. You will
often wonder if they listened to your music at all or just looked at your
picture and decided you  didn't fit the profile (if you know what I mean).
Hang in there, because when you add it all up, the best part in truth is
playing to a receptive audience. Bob Mayo (famous kbdst. Frampton, Hall and
Oats etc) once told me that the higher up you get in the biz the bigger the
problems get. I believe him. I spent more money on lawyers getting me in and
out of record deals than I ended up making.
You were given a gift ...use it well and recognize the rewards when they
come. I'll be glad to co-miseate or answer any questions I can for anyone
interested. Not that I know  that much. Just don't quit . ok?

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