T Bone Walker recommendation

Alan Lloyd alanl@alloyd.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 6 12:38:27 EST 2000

In message <38C3DCE9.3435F32@bestblues.com>, Steve Hoffman
<steve@BESTBLUES.COM> writes
>Anyone who does not already own T-Bone Walker COMPLETE IMPERIAL
>RECORDINGS (a double CD on EMI) should rush out and order it.  It is
>currently available at a 2-for-1 price (two CDs for the price of one)
>and I certainly wouldn't bet the house (or even the CD player) that the
>EMI/Capitol conglomerate will keep this in print forever.  I see that
>www.cdnow.com is offering  it for $11.49.  On one another on-line CD
>retailer I don't even see it listed (which makes me wonder if it's gonna
>be hard to get soon).
I think this is already deleted though there may be a few copies still
Alan Lloyd
London England

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