Obscure Blues Instruments

Roy Rezabek rezabek@inetnebr.com
Sat Mar 4 14:48:21 EST 2000

There's a great blues band out of Iowa that a lady (Molly Nova) plays a
specially built 5 string electric violin.  the band is "The Blue Band".  You
can see them at www.theblueband.com Iand purchase their CD's.  I've got 4 of
them. (I recommend "Deal Again" and "Just a Dream")  They have a realaudio
examples of their music on there site.

They'll be playing in Blayney's in Wesport of Kansas City next friday and
saturday.  See www.blayneys.com  I'm planing on being there.


    Jim Levingston - Magnolia Music wrote in message
    I hate to change the subject of the post, but I'm doing an article on
instruments that have been used in playing the blues. We all know the
standards, guitar, harp, bass, keys. and so on, but can some of you dig deep
in your memory and see of you remember an obscure instrument that has been
used on a blues recording. If you can remember the recording too that would
also be useful.



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