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bonnie kalmbach
Fri Mar 3 11:06:54 EST 2000

I really like the CD he did some years ago called
"Roscoe Chenier".

Question: how much does he tour in the states?

Thanks bonnie

At 01:26 PM 3/3/00 +0100, Jan Mittendorp wrote:
>03/09/00 Café Emmental Thun Switzerland
>03/10/00 Hauptbahnhof Tübingen Germany
>03/11/00 Cotton Club Zug Switzerland
>03/12/00 Hide Out München Germany
>03/15/00 Centre Georges Brassins Talant (Dijon) France
>03/16/00 Musiktheater Rex Lorsch Germany
>03/17/00 Topos Leverkusen Germany
>03/18/00 Maison des Jeunes Tremblay-en-France France
>03/19/00 De Kroniek Heerlen Holland
>03/22/00 The Old Vic Nottingham United Kingdom
>03/23/00 The Brewery, Mc Kennas Monaghan Ireland
>03/24/00 Hooker Blues Club Wrexham United Kingdom
>03/25/00 Ain't Nothin' But London United Kingdom
>03/26/00 Wedgewood Room Southsea, Hamshire United Kingdom
>03/28/00 The Roffen Suite Rochester United Kingdom
>Guitarist/singer Roscoe Chenier was born November 6, 1941 in the hamlet
>Notleyville, just east of Opelousas. Related to both zydeco demigod,
>Clifton Chenier, and blues man Morris 'Big' Chenier, his father Arthur
>'Bud' Chenier was his main inspiration. Bud, a cajun accordionist,
>accompanied by his first cousin and fiddler John Stevens, the father of
>Duke Stevens, was widely popular, as he often would entertain at weekend
>house parties.
>His vocal gift manifested itself early, as he was invited in 1958 to
>join one of the hottest traveling bands in the territory; C.D and the
>Blue Runners, which featured three Gradnier brothers on harmonica, drums
>and bass and Lonesome Sundown on lead guitar.
>Roscoe remained with C.D. for over a dozen years, until 1970 and despite
>the British Invasion, still managed to find enough work to keep the
>blues alive. In the 70's Roscoe led a rather peripatetic existence as a
>blues man, drifting from band to band, finding gigs catch as catch can.
>for a year and a half, he served with Good Rockin' Thomas and thereafter
>a hitch with Good Rockin' Bob. Often he was a "hired gun" for artists
>like Lonesome Sundown and Clarence Randle. The final chapter of this
>itinerant period of Roscoe's life was a three year stretch with local
>horn man Duke Stevens, who like Charles Tyler, also had a hit on Lee
>Lavergne's Lanor label in the 60's "I've been your fool."
>By 1980, Roscoe finally was his own man, leading his own band, shaped in
>his image. Du- ring the years he had some great players in his band and
>although some of them "retired" Roscoe always managed to attract capable
>replacements. Roscoe Chenier and his band appeared at the Blues
>Estafette in 1992, 1993, 1996 and 1998. In 1994 he also performed at the
>very prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague. Roscoe's latest
>release "Roscoe Style" is released in 1998 on Black and Tan Records
>* Crossroads Blues Agency / Black and Tan Records
>* PO Box 10168
>* 7301 GD Apeldoorn
>* The Netherlands


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