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><< On the Rick Holmstrom CD "Lookout" there are two tracks that credit
>  "King of the Jungle" with playing the harmonica.  Does anyone know who
>  King of the Jungle is? >>
>     "King of the Jungle" is Rod Piazza and the piano player credited as
>"Jane" is Honey Piazza. Rod was owed some money from Blacktop and didn't want
>his name used. Rod has a leopard skin covered Bassman with "King of the
>Jungle" spraypainted on the grill. It may or may not be a dis to Kim Wilson
>for "Tigerman".     Ryan

As far as I can remember....he's had that amp since before
George Smith passed away...which was 1983. The Tigermen
didn't come about until the early 90's...so it's not a "dis" of
any kind to Kim. Just another blues rumor.

I've asked Rod about that amp in detail...here's what I recall.
He told me about a festival he did, where he had George
come out and play as a special guest...someone had given
George a homemade crown to wear on his head...which he
did during his performance. Later, when Rod came back on
stage, George put the crown on Rod's head...and told Rod
that he (Rod) was the "new" king. When Rod asked George
where he had gotten the crown from, George just looked down
at the ground and shuffled his feet, and said, "Where do all kings
get their crowns?"

Rod said that one night after a show, (and a few beers in him
I might add) he went into his garage and started thinking about
that festival he did with George. So he took a can of black spray
paint...and just painted "King Of The Jungle" on the grill cloth.
He said the next day when he woke up, he thought he had dreamed
that....until he went out to the garage and saw the amp! ...lmao...

also, as a little foot-note, that amp was covered in Zebra cloth
the last time I saw it around.


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