Blues Artists getting screwed again (nbc)

Jacob Haller
Sun Jan 30 16:08:19 EST 2000

> In a message dated 1/30/00 12:10:29 PM, writes:
> >I saw a piece on CNN about They Might Be Giants (I think--I'm fuzzy on
> >the details of what follows). The guy who wrote Future's so Bright, I
> >Gotta Wear Shades. He held up a letter offering $500,000 offered to him
> >to allow the song in a commercial. He has refused and lives in a tiny
> >apartment with few luxuries. He's my kind of citizen.
> 'Noble' is nice but he could have done better . . .
> Take the money. Improve the living conditions of the poor, the homeless, the
> sick, the battered and abused . . .
> Then go back to his tiny apartment . . . and he'd be MY kind of citizen . . .

I don't think this is quite fair, but I guess I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, the band that recorded "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear
Shades" is Timbuk 3, and the guy in question was probably Pat MacDonald,
who by the way blows a pretty mean harp in my opinion.  He, his wife
Barbara K, and (initially) a drum machine formed Timbuk3.  (I believe
they are now divorced.)  More information can be found at:

They couldn't remotely be called a blues band, but there's a certain
amount of that feeling in their work in my opinion.


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