Blues Artists getting screwed again was Re: tv commercials
Sun Jan 30 12:57:19 EST 2000

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<< I agree it would be nice for them to get money due them. But on a more
 selfish and cognitive level, I'd hate to have songs I love associated in
 mine and others' minds with automobiles or fast food....Flour might be
 OK....But once a piece of music is associated with a product, it would
 be very difficult for non-fans to approach that music any other way.
 There are certain classical pieces that I can't help but think of as
 cartoony simply because that's where I first heard them. >>

Well, just don't put on a mask and yell "Hi-Yo-Silver" when they play the
William Tell Overture.  Yes, I hate the commercialization of classics, but I
hate the fact more that most of the artists being copied both in their
lifetimes and currently can't make a living from their art.  If Muddy's
"Rollin' and Tumblin'" is considered by an ad agency for the perfect choice
for an SUV ad, why should some BS copy band get all the money.


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