Zach Zunis?

Sat Jan 29 14:55:44 EST 2000

>>Subject: Zach Zunis?
From: hmbluesman@YAHOO.COM (Howard Martin)
Date: Wed, Jan 26, 2000 5:59 PM
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Was just listenin to William Clarke's
Blowin Like Hell.There's a song on there called
"Drinkin By Myself".The liner notes list the guitar
player as Zach Zunis.Anyone heard of him?...

Zach lives here in New York now. He used to play with Clarke and also the Red
Devils when he lived in L.A.
When Zach moved here in 1996, I immediately hired him to play in my band on
many occaissions. He is a hell of a blues player.. in the real twangy school.
He didnt take so well to the some of the original blues, blues rock and rock
that my band was playing... the ones out of your 12 bar format, with other
chords coming in from left field. But I dont think he tried, really. Otherwise
he probably would have nailed it.
Although to my knowledge he isnt gigging out a tremedous amount now, other than
with Mason Casy, he does make the scene, and sits in regularly with west coast
bands that come through NYC. Zach, I believe, is currently full-time guitarist
with the Mason Casey Band. Mason Casey is a bad-ass harmonica player with a big
custom 4x10 Ceasar Diaz tube amp sound. One of NY's baddest.

I ran into Zach and his gorgeous wife last night, as a matter of fact, as I was
entering Tribeca Blues (NYC's newest Blues club). I was there for the last set
of Sugar Ray Norcia and Kid Bangahm. Mr. & Mrs Zunis were leaving when I
arrived. I wouldnt be surprised if he had sat in with them on the previous set,
as he and da Kid are from similar hair schools.

Mark The Harper

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