Diana Krall

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 28 17:44:00 EST 2000

I just caught Diana Krall on CNN with her band--all I can say is What A
Voice! Now I can see why she has an album of the year Grammy nomination.
Wonders never cease, I figured something this good would have flown smooth
over their heads. She's also plays very decent piano.

I went to CDNow and listened to some sample off of several CDs, and she's
rooted in that Nat Cole thing and standards for the most part, but I did
find a version of her doing a Percy Mayfield tune "Lost Mind."

This nomination is bound to send her career into high gear, that's
great--but I sure would have liked to heard her do
a blues record. Perhaps some Roy Milton, Louis Jordan, Ella
Johnson, and a Dinah Washington tune or two...with a bunch of blues cats as
her band (for that "fire").

BTW...that Russell Malone I recently asked about, I recall some folks
mentioning he played with her. Well, he's the real deal (and I do mean real)
for this style of music on her records. Too bad he left the band.

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