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This is an OFFICIAL NYBS Bulletin.

A reminder for all you wonderful Blues Society members... it's MEETING TIME
PLEASE NOTE: Our Manhattan meetings have been switched to Wednesdays. This one
will be taking place this Wednesday, February 2nd. Same bat time, same bat
place: 7 pm at Terra Blues, 149 Bleecker Street between Thompson Place and
LaGuardia Place in historic and Rockin' Greenwich Village. 212-777-7776.

The Westchester Meeting is Wednesday, February 9th at 7 pm at The Tap House
Cafe, 13 Adams St., Bedford Hills, NY 914-244-8591 and is followed by an open
Blues Jam.

We are pleased to kick off our next general meeting with the NEW EXECUTIVE
Board, who were democratically nominated and elected by YOU the members. THANKS
to all who participated and cast their ballots or submitted proxies. We are in
good hands, and there is a clear focus at the top. These 4 individuals bring an
extraordinary amount of devotion, brains, imagination, diplomacy, and above
all, love for the BLUES to the console of our Starship NYBS as we blast off in
to the New Millenium! Aided by experienced members handling various committees
(for example: the sage wisdom of our concerts/benefits chairperson, the
Everyready Bunny who mans the website, the buttbustin' Bluesview editor, the
busy-as-a-bee PR man) the NYBS is in the best shape it's been thus far. (That
doesnt mean they dont need help, though.. volunteers are sought, needed, and
appreciated for ALL areas).

And we have some other things to be proud of, too...

Our man, David Keyes, won the International Blues Challenge in Memphis,
Tennessee! That's right.. First Place out of a field of many from all over the
world was claimed by The New York Blues Society! This will bring great things
for Mr. Keyes and his fabulous band, and glory and notoriety for our Society in
the Blues World. Our Benefit at Chicago Blues was quite a success, too. As were
the Huricane Benefits at Terra, Jasons and Bernies. Again, thanks to all who
planned, participated, patronized, and supported.

Now would be a very good time for you to coralle (sp?) some of your Blues
lovin' friends and bandmates who aint yet been hipped to the NYBS, and bring
'em down to the meeting on Wednesday, and join 'em up! Tell them about the
great things that are happening. If each one of you brings at least 1 friend,
we can grow faster, and do even more great things in 2000. Let 'em know its not
even 40 cents per week to be a member. We probably give more to panhandlers on
a regular basis!

We urge you to visit the NYBS website... for
updates, and to post a bullettin free of charge.. whether it's your upcoming
gig, instruments for sale, looking for a bandmate, or looking for a date for
that hot Blues concert coming up on your calender. There is also the MUSICIANS
DIRECTORY, and member musicians can be listed FREE OF CHARGE in it. Don't
forget this valuable resource. I have already gotten 2 calls from it!

Our newsletter.. BLUESVIEWS, is currently accepting advertising, and the rates
are VERY VERY Reasonable. Contact Dallas Fisher at or Robert
Ross at for info on that, and to place an ad.

Again, our HOTLINE number is 212-726-BLUES (2583), if you are unsure about
impending meeting or event info.

Thank you very much.
See ya soon. Stay WARM!!!

Mark The Harper
Membeship Committee

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