Brian Carling
Fri Jan 28 06:05:44 EST 2000

Hi guys!

There were NO negative responses.... so I take it I will be seeing a lot of you
show up on napster and sharing your MP3 Blues songs soon?

I know I will be there!

Enjoy it!

On 27 Jan 00, at 5:58, Brian Carling wrote:

> Is it OK to mention on this list that the most awesome place to share your
> music MP3 files is via  ?
> It will upload and download songs while you are asleep, and can resume
> interrupted transfers.
> I tried this out and found thousands of songs available. It doesn't cost you any
> $$ either. If I am off-topic, I apologize, but I have found some good blues
> recordings on there, so presume that this is OK to mention.
> I am not telling you this for any financial gain; your mileage may vary etc.

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