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Rich Gonzalez rgonzale@soleil.acomp.usf.edu
Fri Jan 28 00:40:29 EST 2000

maxdog wrote (re an "invitation to subscribe" suggestion):

> I'm sure that posting it once a day would bring up the old argument of wasting
> bandwidth. I was working [my own less efficient idea]...

First, Gary didn't say it had to be every day. Could be one a

Second, why are you sure that it would bring up the "old
I am not sure. The old arguments were based on different
conditions. Anyway to post one e-mail per week could hardly be
considered additional bandwith, with what? 500-800 posts? One a
day would hardly be different. You don't know that it would
bring up the "old argument." You're just saying that to avoid
prudent consideration of someone's good suggestion.
Your alternative is to tie it a vague possibility of some web
site that has no know establishment date.

Why not try the suggestion for a month? If no one brings up the
"old argument" then it can be continued.

Typical NIH Syndrome.

Rich G.

> So if anyone has ideas for the web site including what information would be
> useful, send them to me offlist at maxdog@unr.net.
> I would be interested in getting lists of links to blues related web sites,
> links to listmembers sites, etc. but primarily "how to" and "why to" stuff.
> --
> maxdog (co-listowner, Blues-L)
> Gary Tanner wrote:
> >
> > ......  Maybe an actual invitation to subscribe"
> > would be cool every day, or every week.

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