Great records that got bad reviews - Magic Sam

William Sakovich
Thu Jan 27 19:41:35 EST 2000

>At any rate, the issue wasn't which Magic Sam release was better, but
simply that
>reviewer's personal prejudices sometimes (often?) get in the way of their
>to be insightful reviewers.

Why do you think his review has to do with "personal prejudices"? I thought
it had to do with personal taste, which never gets in the way. It just is.
Do you think having a personal taste is prejudice?

I can understand Welding not particularly liking it. I had West Side Soul 30
years ago on LP, but it never did much for me for some reason or another.
Other people on the list have said the same thing. It's one of those curious
discs that people seem divided on. Why does that make those of us who don't
get excited by it "prejudiced"?

The Magic Sam disc I like is that live one that was recorded in a club by
the European with the portable tape equipment and released years later. The
sound isn't A-1, but that's the disc that gets me.

As for Welding, he once said that the Buddy Guy Chess disc, I Was Walking
Through The Woods, was one of the best blues LPs ever made (and it was a
collection). I have to agree with him. But if other people didn't think so,
I wouldn't think it was a question of prejudice.

- Bill Sakovich

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