NBC: Re: ADMIN: For the Newsgroup Readers

maxdog maxdog@unr.net
Thu Jan 27 23:54:49 EST 2000

MsJuke@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 1/27/00 4:57:30 PM, maxdog@unr.net writes:
> >We have been getting quite a few posts from non-members via
> >the newsgroup (bit.listserv.blues-l). If they are in any way
> >blues related I have been passing them on, pretty much
> >everything but spam and "me too" posts. It would be better
> >if those of you reading the newsgroup would join Blues-L
> >before trying to post a message, there is no fee involved.
> >That way there would be no delay while I got around to
> >OK'ing the message, they would go to the list automatically.
> I thought we agreed about ...oh, three years ago or so... that
> non-subscribers could not post to Blues-L. I thought the listmom at that time
> made it so that it was impossible to post to Blues-L unless you were a
> subscriber. I thought people who did not want to receive the list, but wanted
> to post, were supposed to subscribe to Blues-L and then go nomail. Did
> something change when I wasn't looking?
> (I do delete the majority of posts--and deservedly so, too.)

I wasn't on the list when the newsgroup feed was set up but I suspect that the
intention was to keep people from the newsgroup from DIRECTLY posting to Blues-L
with no review process. They can NOT do it now and as far as I know never could
post directly. Instead the post is sent to the active listowners for review.
That way we can screen out the spam, which we do. By spam I mean porn, get rich
quick schemes, bulk advertising, etc, we get it all. Those are not passed on to
the list. We can pass on relevent non-member posts. I don't think it was ever
intended to keep Blues-L some sort of exclusive club for members only, just to
keep out spam. Some of the non-member posts have been quite good, IMHO. I have
not passed on bandwidth wasting "Amen" and "Me too" posts or the one that just
called one of our members a bunch of nasty names.

I have been asking each non-member who tries to post something relevent to join
the list. That is, I ask them when I have time and some have slipped through the
cracks lately. That is why I posted an ADMIN: post on the subject. I was trying
to get as many of them as possible to join so that their posts will go to the
list automatically.

BTW, the only "Blues-L listowner's manual" we have is the FAQ, the manual for
the Listserv software itself and whatever has been passed on by word of mouth.
There is no policy and procedure manual that I am aware of.
maxdog (co-listowner, Blues-L)

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