LBC: Re: Pat Travers (was Robin Trower)

cookieholley cookieholley@MCSI.NET
Tue Jan 25 19:14:27 EST 2000

Sly is just chillin'    But Cindy is still out there, she has been touring
with TAFKAP and still turning the house out!

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From: maxdog <maxdog@UNR.NET>
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 4:15 PM
Subject: LBC: Re: Pat Travers (was Robin Trower)

>I don't know about Billy Preston  but Leon Russell is still
>out there gettin' it. He has been through this area several
>times in the nineties both by himself and with Edgar Winter,
>usually with Leon's son on drums. Pretty good shows with a
>decent turnout. Speaking of missing in action though, what's
>Sly Stone doing?

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