Robin Trower

J.J. Perry
Mon Jan 24 20:14:36 EST 2000

I love the irony of the Vaughan boys biting on blues rock. If
only they had a crystal ball to see posts on blues-l 20 years later.

For the record, is robin trower that meathead who does the
dumb version of "boom boom out go the lights?"


"Blues Shot"

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Biancucci, Carl wrote:

> I love Jimmy Vaughan,but disagree with him if he thinks sounding like Robin
> Trower is a bad thing.
> I saw RT last year,and the old boy is sounding great;granted,he plays
> blooz,rather than blues,
> but his influences are from the right folks;he's definitely an asset to the
> form.
> My 2 cents...

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