Snuff Johnson passed away

Mon Jan 24 03:52:39 EST 2000

What a sad news. Snuff Johnson was again one of these overlooked traditional
country blues musicians, I guess maybe too honnest, intimate and simple with
his music to be under the spotlight of the medias seeking often for flahy

As usually, he might get a bit more exposure now that he's gone :-(

This is maybe a (sad) opportunity to listen to his two very charming
traditonal country blues cds that he had out.  Old-time zellers might
remember the reviews I did sent about these cd's quite some years ago (was
it in 95 or so?). If you like traditional country texas blues, songsters,
... try him, I believe you will not disappointed.

RIP Snuff, we will not forget you.

Jean-Pierre "ÿoung man" Urbain

P.S. The cds are on Black Magic and on Document Arts respectively if I
remeber well. I tried to find copies of the reviews I sent on the blues-l
archives but apprently the archives is no more working... sad... Anyone
infos on this old archive (stuff from 1995-1997)?

P.S.2 Unrelated: Asie Payton. I knew him from his cut on an Albatros Field
Recordings anthology from the late 70's and was thus happy to see the Fat
Possum cd released announced .... but weas a bit disappointed when hearing
the cd. Anyone out there knows if anything slese has ever been publsihed in
the vain of the Albatros LP? I believe the answer is no but would like to
get confirmation or infos about that. ,... and no I don't want to start,
again. a endless discussion on the quality of FP stuff.

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