SBC: Re: copyrights (long)

Dirk Lockard
Sun Jan 23 18:36:59 EST 2000

Costs and Profits of A CD, before MP3 and Internet sales

Manufacturer's costs
Recording expense $0.65
Manufacturing expense 1.25
Packaging 1.30
Advertising and Promotion 2.00
Artist's Royalty 1.60
Freight .09
Payment to musician's trust fund .65
Manufacturer's profit 2.94
Distributor's expenses and profit 1.50
Retailer's expenses and profit 5.00
TOTAL $16.98

From: chuck n. <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM>

> Someone, somewhere along the line, wrote:
> <<<By treating the artist as a person hired to make the recording,  the
> record company would own the recordings
> and have the right to control their distribution and use them  indefinitely.
> For artists, this radical change would mean that they are, in fact, selling
> the rights to their work  forever, rather than allowing a record company to
> use it for a limited period of time to market, distribute and  earn profits
> from it.>>>
> Radical change? When is the last time you've heard an artist--despite paying
> for all costs associated with the
> making of a record--say that he/she/they now OWN the recording? I've never
> heard of it happening. Always has confused me...and it's something I've
> asked about at least
> a couple of times on this list. Why is it, that after all the costs are
> recouped, that the label STILL owns it, sells it, leases it, etc instead of
> the artists? To me it sounds like taking out a car loan--paying it off--only
> to never receive a clear title on it.
> chuck

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