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It is my opinion that the artist ALWAYS get screwed to one degree or

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Date: Sunday, January 23, 2000 3:34 PM
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>Costs and Profits of A CD, before MP3 and Internet sales
>Manufacturer's costs
>Recording expense $0.65
>Manufacturing expense 1.25
>Packaging 1.30
>Advertising and Promotion 2.00
>Artist's Royalty 1.60
>Freight .09
>Payment to musician's trust fund .65
>Manufacturer's profit 2.94
>Distributor's expenses and profit 1.50
>Retailer's expenses and profit 5.00
>TOTAL $16.98
>From: chuck n. <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM>
>> Someone, somewhere along the line, wrote:
>> <<<By treating the artist as a person hired to make the recording,  the
>> record company would own the recordings
>> and have the right to control their distribution and use them
>> For artists, this radical change would mean that they are, in fact,
>> the rights to their work  forever, rather than allowing a record company
>> use it for a limited period of time to market, distribute and  earn
>> from it.>>>
>> Radical change? When is the last time you've heard an artist--despite
>> for all costs associated with the
>> making of a record--say that he/she/they now OWN the recording? I've
>> heard of it happening. Always has confused me...and it's something I've
>> asked about at least
>> a couple of times on this list. Why is it, that after all the costs are
>> recouped, that the label STILL owns it, sells it, leases it, etc instead
>> the artists? To me it sounds like taking out a car loan--paying it
>> to never receive a clear title on it.
>> chuck

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