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I agree with you about big time musicians and their managers, labels,
agents, hairdressers and so on all being caught up in the money
machine, but when I was about 19 or 20 I was first introduced to the
blues by way of an album called London Session. It had Bill Wyman,
Charlie Watts, Keith Richards (3 Stone members), Eric Clapton, and
Steve Winwood featuring the great Howlin' Wolf. There were a lot of
out takes from the session and the whole tone of the album was one of
respect and gratitude. It was like the Wolf was giving a blues lesson
to the these young white boys. Listen to "Little Red Rooster" where
the Wolf is showing Clapton how to play blues guitar. It is so cool.

It was a tribute album from 3 of the Stones and 2 more of their famous
Rock buddies.


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: << the Stones KNEW they owed EVERYTHING to the black bluesmen >>
: yeah, I guess that's why they took the money and the booking from
the Blues
: Foundation. If Rick's words were true, why didn't they do it for
free and
: help promote the black bluesmen? I don't know what the Blues
Foundation paid
: to have the Stones there but I will bet they cashed the check
instead of
: donating back to BF. So much for owing everything to the black
: Patti
: southwestblues.com
: "Ya should be gettin' it every month"

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