Chris Cain Question

Fri Jan 21 11:59:29 EST 2000

Correction- In Chris' own words-
His dad is Black, his mom was Greek-
This means Chris is BLEAK.

For all the Chris Cain stuff you could ever need!

 >>1.  He's half Greek, half Black and all Gibson.
 2.  He's good.

Rory McQuillan wrote:
> --
> >I have heard a lot about Chris Cain... what style of blues does he play?
> I would call him modern but not into the blues-rock zone.  I heard him at
> the North Atlantic Blues Festival last summer & really enjoyed his set.  He
> got some of the prettiest bell-like tones out of his Les Paul I've ever
> heard.  I was surprised to see that he's apparently caucasian, his naturally
> gritty voice (which I had only heard on the radio before) had led me to
> deduce that he was black.
> >Does anyone know of a website that I could hear sound clips of him?
> I think his manager's on this list & he or she will probably answer that.
> > Is he good?
> Now, what kind of question is that?  He's a very competent player, & one of
> the better singer/songwriter/guitarists of his generation.  How "good"
> anyone is usually boils down to how well they suit your taste & whether they
> manage to move you or not.  I'll go see him again if I get the chance.
> > >>

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