Johnny Moeller Trio In Dallas Tonite

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 21 08:28:23 EST 2000

Johnny Moeller will be coming up from Austin to play MUDDY WATERS tonight
(Friday Jan 21). Tonite he's doing his all instrumental jazzy-blues show.
Johnny will be on, or should I say all over, guitar. His brother Jason will
be on drums, and on B3 will be some young black fellow from Kileen, Tx.
(since Mike Flanigin recently moved to Boston).

I haven't heard this fellow play B3 yet--but Johnny is VERY high on him, and
that's all I need to know. Show starts at 10pm...and it's one of the few
places in town that has PLENTY of free parking on the weekends.

You may want to also make note of a future ALL BLUES gig
at Muddy Waters on Feb 11th with Johnny, Jason, and the illustrious Hash
Brown...among others!!


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