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chuck n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Fri Jan 21 07:01:55 EST 2000

For the record, Dickster....here is the post that caused me
to wonder just who's interests were being best represented
by the Blues Foundation. You'll no doubt remember it from the first time it
was posted, by a former working memeber of the Blues Foundation, Barry Bean:

<<I think you have a very accurate picture of Mr. Stovall. I wouldn't tar
the rest of the board and the organization with the same brush, but the fact
that they allow Howard to operate in the fashion he does  raises some

In my own experience, I know that Stovall has opted not to meet Foundation
business commitments, and then subsequently threatened legal action when
attempts were made to bring this to the board's attention. I know he's
alienated volunteers, contractors, musicians and board members. He's been
criticized for being an apologist for the blues instead an active blues
promoter. He's been criticized for being more intersted in mainstream glitz
("Hollywood Stovall") than the musicians in his own back yard. He's drawn
criticism for considering himself "above" mere blues fans, and not having
time. He's been criticized for being insensitive to older musicians and
their survivors. He's been criticized for stonewalling board members and not
following board directives.

But other than that, he's a great guy, I'm sure>>

Since Mr Bean was there, and a member of the board, I'll just let the post
speak for itself. You can no doubt see how it would cause some concern for
those of us who HAVE donated money to the Blues Foundation....and cause ME
to wonder why in the world they threw the Rolling Stones a party. THAT was
my point sir, since you asked.

chuck nevitt
dallas, tx
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