Gene Harris/ Ray Bryant

Ocky Milkman
Thu Jan 20 22:24:32 EST 2000

--- wrote:
> Yeah Fred!  Ray Bryant- what a swinging player.  Don't
> hear about him enough
> these days.  I hope he's doing well.  Very Bluesy.
> RJ
favorite ray bryant: little suzie (columbia), named after
his daughter. rb had a minor hit w/ this in the 50's.
trivia: i picked up on this song when i was a little little
kid and heard it on the soupy sales tv show. i used to wait
eagerly to find out what THAT song was, until finally i
found out. had the 45 for many years before finally
locating the album of the same name.

gene harris did nice work in the ray brown trio; the two
meshed superbly. i saw them a couple of times; they were
better live than on record. recommended recordings: 1)
don't forget the blues, 2) the red hot ray brown trio, bam,
bam, bam, & 3) listen here. 1-3, under ray brown; 4, w/
harris as leader (all on concord). my favorite: soul route,
milt jackson, leader, w/ brown & harris (pablo).

harris and bryant were meat & potatos players, strongly
rooted in blues and gospel, not innovators to set the music
world on fire. as a matter of fact, bryant is clearly out
of his league on diz's sonny side up (w/ sonny's rollins &


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