NBC: OK, my last Boll Weevil post

Ricky Stevens deltabluz@HOTMAIL.COM
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Responsible, use of any chemical, even Tylenol, is essential.
I remember back in the dark ages at Ole Miss that one of my political
science professors would lecture endlessly about the evils of pesticides,
herbicides, and even tractors used in modern agriculture. When I asked him
one day if he could propose a PROVEN workable alternative that would
maintain even half the current production, he dismissed class without

Ricky Stevens
Arkabutla, Mississippi

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>That's not what I meant.  I'll pray for you, too.  I'm sure there is some
>guy in a
>suit at a chemical company that is praying for the Boll Weevil.  Thanks for
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> > >The fight against the Boll Weevil is underway again.  My prayers for
> > >farmer is for survival of their noble way of life.
> >
> > As opposed to all of us ignoble savages who don't farm organically?
> >
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