NBC: Re: $1000 FM Radio Stations (new FCC regulations)

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 20 07:52:46 EST 2000

The reason I didn't include the NBC header, bossman, is that I suspected
that some of the readers MIGHT have some thoughts about starting BLUES RADIO
statons, or even better, it MIGHT be a way to get sidestep those RIAA
regulations that put Steve, Don O, and a couple other zellers radio stations
off the net. sheeesh. where the
hell were you during the "Hurricane Carter" thread.


<<<Let's see, a transmitter, a decent server, a little software, a good
internet connection, an IP address, a license, a 200+ disk changer, a bunch
of blues CDs, a little elbow grease, hit suffle play ... presto!!! A low
maintence blues radio station with an Internet feed.>>>

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