NBC: Re: $1000 FM Radio Stations (new FCC regulations)

Dirk Lockard r.d.lockard@ATT.NET
Thu Jan 20 03:16:17 EST 2000

I still have a Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass LP I got from Kentucky Fried
Chicken in the late 60's.

Seriously, I wait anxiously for my Offbeat Magazine compilation CD that comes
every year with my subscription.  It opens the pores to richness of the New
Orleans music scene.  Yes!  It's got some great Blues on it, too!  Offbeat
probably does more for New Orleans music than all the societies, foundations and
unions put together. IMHO.

WWOZ, a member supported radio station in New Orleans, simulcasts on the Internet
and is loaded with Bluesey programming.  Of course, it's not 24 hours worth every
day, but neither is New Orleans.  I do like to listen to other music, too.  But, I
keep score with the Blues.

WBRH, a high school radio station in Baton Rouge, has Tabby's Blues Box Radio show
picked up for webcast by www.louisianaradio.com .  Also member supported, their
sponsers receive liberal acknowledgments of their generosity.  It's not a

The local PBS radio affiliates all have syndicated Blues programs, like the Beale
Street Caravan and American Routes .  Similiar sponsership applies.

It would seem that local Blues Societies could be organized to take advantage of
this type of license.  With Internet simulcast, people looking for the Blues from
a particular region could not only read the contents of the society web pages, but
check out what the locals are doing with their own ears.  Who knows, record labels
may be auditioning in the future by simply checking out who's doing what and where
with a simple click of a link.

Everyday, Internet savvy people are coming up with ideas so fresh, they come from
the future!

Dirk Lockard

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> Dirk Lockard wrote:
> > <snip>Does the phrase "Listener supported" mean anything
> > to you?  For your $25.00 contribution, you'll receive this nice compilation
> > sponsored by your friendly Blues label, Megabucks Corporation and your
> > neighborhood Fried Chicken restaurant.
> LOL! Harp player Pat Ramsey when he fronted the local blues rock band Crosscut
> used to joke about their first "hit" on the "Pizza Hut label." But then again
> how another local group got their start. The rock band Creed had it's first
release on
> a radio station promotional CD "Locals Only", now they are millionaires touring
> world playing arenas. And Pat's still hustling gigs in bars around the
Southeast. I'm
> not going to say it's not fair because Creed worked hard for what they got too.
> just got a lucky break.
> BTW, Pat just released a live CD. Check out http://www.patramsey.com
> --
> maxdog

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