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I screwed this up.  I forgot to change the original header, so that anyone interested might open it.  Then when I corrected my mistake I inadvertantly went over the prescribed lineage allowed and got rejected.  Anyway the header now stands corrected.  Sorry for oversight. 

I like the e e cummings style.  There seems to be some discussion regarding
whether or not this is a list devoted to black issues or a music dialogue,
or a combination thereof.  I've got a question for those of you who are
committed to being educated on such social matters.  There's a new movie out
about Rueben "Hurricane" Carter.  The trailers suggest he was unjustly
incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit.  Bob Dylan and a group of ultra
liberal (if you will) musicians and activists were successful in gaining his
release and a subsequent new trial.  As I remember it (and I'm not sure I
ever knew the exact details) he brutally beat someone while he was out of
jail and then was reconvicted (this, I'm really not sure about and the basis
for this post) of the crime and returned to prison.  I remember one of
Dylan's buddies saying on TV a short time later that, ''as it turned out,
the son of a bitch really did do it."  My question is: Was he reconvicted
and did he indeed serve his full term?  I'll probably go see the film this
weekend, so maybe most of these questions will be answered.  Still, I would
appreciate someone from outside the movie scene to address this for me.  My
thanks to whoever responds.

Gary Rex Tanner
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> i have been lurking for some days/weeks, yet the mayhem
> cotinues unabated. why, when everyone said i was largely
> the one to blame?

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