It's All About Green (WAS: Just Thinking)

Jan Miller
Tue Jan 18 09:23:17 EST 2000

This kindof bugged me, so here's my 2 cents:

Where I live we're far, far, far from the 'big time', but here's what
happens here (Far Northern Minnesota).  Established local acts here get
anywhere from $100 a night, 4-hours (at the local BLUES BAR, the place to
play if you are blues, and they know it, ya wanna play there, ya gotta work
cheap), to 300-350 bucks at good places.  If you are a 'new' band, the
clubs will only pay 100-150 bucks a night, possibly plus the door cover
charge.  So, what are we to do, turn down the opportunity to play by
refusing the 'low' pay, or taking it and building up a following, hopefully
followed by higher pay?  There is only one individual in this area I know
of who can support himself 100% on music, and he lives pretty
low-to-the-ground, so to speak, and plays almost everynight ... sometimes
for very low pay.
If we want to play, we HAVE to work, or starve (or move to where you
are!!!! <BG>), so we play for little, schlep equipment, go home at 2 or 3
am, and then to work at 7:30am.
It's cause we love the music, not any other reason, not 'just for fun'.

This is just:  'the other side....' of the story...

At 01:27 PM 8/26/99 , you wrote:
>In a message dated 8/26/99 10:09:23 AM, writes:
><<The point being made was not "playing part time", but "taking any gig
>at any fee just so they can play".  This could just as well apply to
>part time or full time, but it's almost always the part time
>hobbyists who play for fun who'll take the "scum" jobs, and in the
>process pull everyone else down the tubes with them.
> >>
>This is a main reason why you can't make any money in Austin but in a few
>clubs and the main reason why the pay for bands is about the same as it was
>20 years ago.

Jan Miller
Blues Evolution
"Please take of yourselves and those that you love; because that is what we
are here for, that's all we got, and that is what we can take with us." -
Stevie Ray Vaughan

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