NBC: PLEASE READ KKK Ocky Re: No Whites, No Blacks, Just Blues

Jim Levingston - Magnolia Music jiml@usunwired.net
Tue Jan 18 02:33:24 EST 2000


I've always wondered about this, but this post pretty much confirms my
suspicions. You put yourself off as a militant black man, but in
reality you are undercover for the KKK. You cause all this Black Thing
turmoil to flush out the rednecks so that later you and your KKK
organization can recruit them for membership. I've read about people
like you on list across the country and was warned against it.

Please no one get sucked into this radical KKK member that is passing
himself off as a black man. He probably has a website encouraging all
list members to view his picture, but trust me that is a ploy. That is
a picture of some poor black  man that is just a front for Ocky, if
that is his real name. Your cheap KKK skinhead tactics don't fool us
anymore. You have been found out. Your time is over.

I have a number of New Orleans street rappers on my label that would
love to discuss this with you.

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: > I've see the slogan
: >
: >
: > on several club t-shirts, posters, etc from all around
: > the country. Anyone
: > know who originated (copywrited) this slogan?
: the kkk.
: om
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