The Robert Johnson Story -- Russ Johnson, please read this

Thu Jan 13 14:15:19 EST 2000

I just talked to Robert Johnson on the phone! OK, it wasn't ~that~ Robert
Johnson, it was Robert Johnson of Connecticut. Very much alive and very nice.
Got your attention though didn't I?

It seems as though Robert Johnson changed ISPs and was accidentally given the
user account of Russ Johnson. There was some confusion in getting him
unsubscribed but in the course of the phone conversation I mentioned that the
name Robert Johnson meant a lot to most blues fans. He was curious and had never
heard of that Robert Johnson. It turns out he plays jazz and is going to find
out more about the "other" Robert Johnson. An interesting turn of events, I hope
I helped make Robert Johnson a fan of Robert Johnson.

Now, Russ Johnson has been accidently unsubscribed. I will be sending him an
email but just in case, if he is reading this on the newsgroup or if anyone
knows him, please have him contact me,, so we can straighten out
the matter.
maxdog (co-listowner, Blues-L)

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