Combat Pilot?
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<< and if there is a life-style more
 likely to generate fatigue than a musician, on the road for
 unbelievable hours in horrible conditions, going straight to
 the job, often without a chance for a bath, a rest or a meal
 I don't know of many.  Combat pilot, perhaps. >>

Many of us, who live this life are energized, by the road, the gigs etc...
the conditions you find horrible are far from it for any road dog....
Hell, I play in Savannah GA on a Saturday night and drive after the gig
900-1000 miles to play at 6 PM Sunday Massachusetts and love
every minute of it.

   Playing music anywhere kicks in the adrenilin....our bodies may be beat to
hell, but when the adrenilin kicks in, we are rockin...

Musicians are adrenilin junkies... it is really hard to beat that rush.  Wolf
might have been exhausted, but the adrenilin has great impact on the mind and

Ed V

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